The 30-Minute Profitable Proposal System for Freelancers

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Get the simple system I use to send $30-40K proposals in less than 30 minutes – so you can…

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Get the simple system I use to send $30-40K proposals in less than 30 minutes – so you can…

Eliminate 8+ hours a month of office time permanently – that’s 12 entire business days you devote to family + extra vacation instead.

Make simple changes today to boost your income tomorrow–the number of proposals you send directly predicts your revenue in 3-6 months.

OK – tell me if this sounds familiar…

You’ve made it to the end of another sales call, and your potential new client is ready to rock. They just have one last question:

“How soon can you get me a proposal?”

“Uhh,” you respond, as you open your calendar to reveal a flurry of events and appointments.

“Maybe by Tuesday afternoon? Or end of week … at the absolute latest.”

I get it – you’re busy. You’re always juggling existing projects and new sales (not to mention preschool drop-off, tee-ball practice, and maybe a few precious minutes of time for yourself). But this is the absolute worst way to start a new freelance engagement, for three big reasons:

  1. You’re showing your client that you can’t show up. Yes, it’s nice to “keep a line” to prove you’re in demand … but it’s counterproductive to keep someone waiting when they’re qualified and ready to buy.
  2. You’re treating each proposal as a mini-project. You shouldn’t need to block out 3 hours just to get somebody a price and a scope. Proposals should be nearly automatic, so they don’t even require a spot on your calendar. (By the way, if you save 2 hours per proposal and you send 4 per month, that’s 12 entire business days you can devote to extra vacation and family time each year.)
  3. You’re slowing down the most important part of your business growth. Proposals are the #1 leading indicator of your financial success – the number of proposals you send today directly predicts your income 3-6 months from now. Sending proposals faster today means signing more projects tomorrow.

After you learn the 30-minute profitable proposal system, your sales calls will sound like this instead:

“How soon can you get me a proposal?”

“Based on our conversation today, I can say that a fair ballpark estimate for this project would be $30,000 to $40,000. If that sounds like the right fit for you, I can get you a detailed proposal in the next 30 minutes.”


You’ll walk away from today’s lesson with…

  1. My complete “everything but the kitchen sink” proposal template that I send to real clients.
  2. My nearly-instant fixed-fee project calculator (ready to use right away as a Google Spreadsheet), so you can quote solid prices to your clients after a few minutes of conversation.
  3. My in-depth video guide to building your personal 30-minute Profitable Proposal System – including choosing the “building blocks” that allow you to rapidly create high-end proposals for every project.
  4. An immediate savings of 8+ hours every month, so you can spend less time in the office–and spend more time with your family–while earning as much or more than before.

Why start with proposals? There are a million ways you can become a faster, more efficient, more profitable freelancer. Many of them, however, requires years of skill development and focused learning. And when it comes to software, your hard-earned efficiency, and expertise only last until the next shiny, new alternative arrives.

By contrast, proposals never go out of style. Every freelancer on the planet needs to send proposals to earn money. You can dramatically improve your sales process in the next hour – and build a system that will save you many hours per week forever. It’s the single most powerful change you can make to start earning more money in less time today. Not only will your clients not notice that you’re making more sales and spending less time in the office, but they will also be thrilled by your rapid turnaround.

Let’s dive in.

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The 30-Minute Profitable Proposal System for Freelancers
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